#ShoppingMyStash Is The Best Way For Saving Some Cash


What is #shopmystash exactly? The makeup industry keeps churning out products at breakneck speeds. I think we all can agree that it is a very fast moving industry. Unless you have an unlimited amount of cash flow, it is very difficult to buy all these beautiful, tempting items. And if you have been collecting makeup for a while, you will have dupes of items you might be lusting after. We run after the next best thing and forget that we already have things in our collection that we love. That’s when we shop our stash. Also #ShoppingMyStash Is The Best Way For Saving Some Cash – Makeup lovers take note!

Using makeup products effectively and making the most out of your existing collection can be a great way to reduce the need to constantly buying more makeup. So how does one do this?

Shopping My Stash
Shopping My Stash

Here are a few tips:-

Assess Your Collection

Take a stock of your current makeup products. Look at the expiration dates, formulas that you enjoy, shades you have etc. This will give you a clear understanding of what you already have. Also it will help you with the #ShoppingMyStash technique.

Get Creative

Experiment with different looks. Get creative with your makeup looks by trying out different combinations and techniques. This is a great way to discover new ways to use existing products. You get a fresh new look and do not have to buy new products. Mix and match products to create unique colors. Like mixing lipsticks to get a color you like. Blending eyeshadows to expand your color options. Also there are so many videos, tutorials online to teach you different techniques that will help you get creative. #ShoppingMyStash has definitely made me more creative than before.

Shopping My Stash

Multi-purpose products

I love this one. Always look for product that serve multiple functions. Products that can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks. Most times such products work on my lips and cheeks but not on my eyes because I have oily, hooded eyelids. So I prime my eyelids and then use multi-purpose products. This helps me save so much time when I am rushed in the mornings.

Shopping My Stash

Proper Storage

I can surely say that when I have my makeup organized and stored properly, things are so much easier. Most importantly, I can find what I need. I do not spend precious time going through drawers. Also, I use stuff without it expiring. #ShoppingMyStash is much easier if your products are organized.

Swap With A Friend Or A Loved One

Exchange makeup items with someone, if you are no longer reaching for it. This way someone else can love it and you may also find something you like in their stash, without spending money.

Shopping My Stash
Shopping My Stash With A Mix Of Old And New Products

I am a very small blogger/influencer. So I do not get PR packages like the big influencers. But I do love to review products. And I truly enjoy using makeup. While it’s exciting to try new makeup products, making the most out of what I already have sustainable and cost-effective. So in the past few months I have been #ShoppingMyStash.

*Some items kindly gifted with no obligation to post

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