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Hyper Pet Ball Launcher

The Hyper Pet Ball Launcher is a great way to play fetch with your dog. To play, load the tennis balls, adjust the distance and pull the trigger. Balls can be picked up hands-free; Just place the barrel over the ball and push it down to pick it up.



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Furbo Dog Camera

If you want to know what your dog (or cat) is doing while you’re out, this 1080-pixel full HD camera with night vision will give you a 160-degree wide-angle view, says the brand. A two-way audio and barking alert sensor monitors their barking and sends you push notifications so you can talk to them via the app. If you download the free Furbo IOS/Android app, you have the freedom to toss your dog a treat remotely.



Dexa MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

This handy tool is great after muddy walks on trails or in the park and before you head back home in the car. The MudBuster comes in sizes for small, medium and large dogs and comes in eight colors. To remove dirt and mud from your dog’s paws, add water, insert their paws one at a time, twist the bottle and dab the paw dry. The silicone bristles help remove dirt and mud from your dog's paws and keep the mess inside the MudBuster, says the brand.



K&H Heated Pet Bed Warmer

If your dog (or cat) needs a little warmth, place this pet warmer inside their dog bed. Once plugged in, dual thermostats regulate the temperature at a very low wattage, says the brand. When not in use, it stays in eco-mode, keeping the surface temperature of your pet's bed 12 degrees to 15 degrees above ambient air temperature. When your pet lies on the bed, the warmer automatically adjusts to 102°F, says K&H.



Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Interactive Treat Puzzle

The Dog Brick interactive puzzle has obstacles and combinations of steps to help keep your dog focused and mentally stimulated while they search for the hidden treats inside.Hide three treats at a time. The Nina Ottosson Dog Brick puzzle is BPA, PVC and phthalate-free.



WOPET 6L Automatic Cat Feeder

With this automatic feeder, you can feed your cat from anywhere via your smartphone. According to the brand, you can schedule up to 15 meals in dry 5g portions. You can also record a message and play it as each meal dispenses to comfort your pet. The cat feeder can be plugged in or run on battery in case of a power outage.



Migipaws Interactive Whack-A-Mole

This interactive toy has colorful feathers that pop up out of the top and sides of seven holes to keep your cat entertained. When it senses your cat approaching, it automatically starts popping up its feathers in and out. After 5 minutes it automatically shuts off if it detects no play action. It runs on a rechargeable battery that can last seven days if your cat plays about 30 minutes a day.



Migipaws Cat Toy, Automatic Moving Ball Bundle

This automatic moving ball brings out your cat’s hunting instincts and love for pouncing and chasing. It comes with a feather and a tiny mouse that you can tie to the ball, making your cat chase it as it moves around. It runs on a rechargeable battery and also has multicolored LED lights so your cat can play in the dark.



Maxpower Planet Pet Grooming Brush

This brush comes with two sides, one for tackling stubborn mats and one for thinning and de-shedding. According to the brand, it’s designed with fine, rounded teeth that let you easily and safely remove mats, tangles, knots and loose hair without irritating or scratching your pet. It has a non-slip handle and comes in seven colors, including purple, turquoise, pink and black.



Thundershirt Dogs Clothing Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Jacke

The Thundershirt applies gentle, constant pressure to your dog’s torso, like a comforting hug to help them feel calmer if they have separation anxiety or get nervous during thunderstorms, fireworks, when traveling or any other anxiety-inducing circumstance. It ranges in size from XXS to XXL.