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top tech gadgets 2023

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Apple HomePod 2

Apple’s second bite of the… well, apple. The HomePod 2 is an iterative update to the already solid speaker, with Siri smart connectivity, weight bass and the ability to turn into a soundbar when syncing up through an Apple TV. The actual upgrades come in the shape of a temperature and humidity scan to determine the quality of the air which is more than appreciated, if not a little unnecessary in a quality speaker.



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Oral-B IO10

We all should be perfectly aware of the insane prices Oral-B chargers for its super-charged electric toothbrushes, and while its latest, the iO10 is allegedly set for an eye-watering £800 tag across most retailers, it's almost perennially discounted to less than half that, so don't fret too much. Instead, marvel at the sheer quality of it with AI mapping of your gums, sensitivity pressure sensor and a marathon battery that all make for a very smart brush indeed.



Apple Watch Series 8

The world of smart wearables is wide and rich with excellent models, but if you've got an iPhone in your pocket you really should only consider adding an Apple Watch as an accoutrement. The Series 8, the latest of the line, is an exceptionally high-quality model, with an upgraded durable chassis, next-level metrics and GPS tracking and a slew of systems in place to keep you at peak health, be that to notify the local authorities you've been in an accident or if your body is currently in its ovulating cycle.



Samsung Galaxy S23

Samsung's latest Galaxy handset pushes the boundaries of what's possible from a smartphone into the stratosphere… sorry. But genuinely, it's a seriously good handset with a dazzlingly good camera set-up made perfect for snapping shots in low light.



Google Pixel Watch

The world of smartwatches is ever-growing with powerful models –more of which you can read about here – but if you're rocking a Google Pixel or Android-powered smartphone, then you won't find much better than the Google watch to go along with it. Infinitely better looking than many other durable fitness trackers on the market, the Pixel watch has a huge battery, plenty of connectivity and decent tracking, though the GPS might not be up to scratch for some.



Hydrow Rower

It's unlikely you'll be entering too many regattas any time soon, but if you fancy yourself a rower and can't make it back out on the water, then why not bring the boat to you with the Hydrow Rower? Built with performance in mind, it's got a Full HD display loaded with thousands of real-world workouts that put you digitally on the water for that racing feel. Concerned about the space in your home? It's 30% smaller than most other models and is a lot easier to store away. Win in our eyes.



Amazon Echo Dot

Smart speakers are your entry point into building a smart home, and they don't really get much better than Amazon's Echo series. Connecting together with everything from smart thermostats and plugs to other smart speakers, you can control almost every aspect of your home using just your voice. The most prevalent smart speaker in homes up and down the country is Amazon's Echo Dot series, and for bloody good reason. It's small, versatile, powerful enough for most engagements outside a full-on festival, and comes packed with the Amazon Alexa voice control can help you with. A win-win in our eyes.



Xbox Series S

One of the most affordable consoles on the market right now, the Xbox Series S also has the advantage of actually being available online. Unlike many of its siblings, the Series S doesn't sell out as quickly and still does everything any other Xbox would — just not in 4K. A bonus here is that it dovetails perfectly with Microsoft's Game Pass subscription service, which already counts DeathloopHalo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 among its roster.



Apple AirPods Pro 2

If you glance up and find yourself hip-deep into Apple’s vast ecosystem then there’s not really much point in resisting and attempting to find the same quality elsewhere. Apple’s products are just too good to ignore, and its latest upgrade to the industry-changing AirPods (the second generation of Pro headphones) might not shake foundations but they certainly add some next-level features to an already complete pair of earbuds. With super-charged ANC, touch-sensitive controls, spatial audio and a choice of tip sizes to fit every ear shape, this might just be the best gadget of the year.

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Hisense U7QF

For many people, the idea of getting a 4K TV might still conjure the notion that it's going to be an expensive acquisition, but Hisense is here to deliver impressive quality at affordable prices. This particular model is well equipped for modern watching, with next-level visual qualities (that feature HDR compatibility, 4K resolution and low input lag for gaming) and plenty of HDMI ports for adding your PS5 should you need to.